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Darkness falls, rise up. You are the hunter, a legendary demon slayer with a mysterious past and secrets you have yet to uncover. When the demonic Lilith and her fearsome horde unite with the evil armies of Hydra, it’s time to unleash Marvel’s dark side. As The Hunter, your mission is to lead an unlikely team of seasoned Super Heroes and dangerous supernatural warriors to victory. Can legends such as Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Blade put aside their differences in the face of a growing apocalyptic threat? If you’re going to save the world, you’ll have to forge alliances and lead the team into battle as the legendary Midnight Suns. With an array of upgradeable characters and skills allowing you to build your own unique version of The Hunter, you will choose how to send Lilith’s army back to the underworld. Marvel’s midnight sun’s is tacticial RPG set in the darker side of Marvel. As a new and customisable original Marvel character, lead a powerful team of supernatural Super Heroes facing growing unholy threats. Experience a Tactical Marvel game unlike any other. You must fight vigorously, strategise smartly, and lead an unexpected combination of Marvel Super Heroes to save the world from the rising darkness. Fight and strategise like a super hero against the darkest corners of the Marvel Universe.

  • Experience the darker side of Marvel
  • Rise up against Lilith & her underworld army as you experience a deeply personal story that puts you at its centre as the hunter, the first customisable original hero in the Marvel universe
  • In the face of fallen allies & the fate of the world at stake, it will be up to you to rise up against the darkness
  • Lead heroes from the world of Marvel Universe, fight fire with hellfire & lead an unlikely team of seasoned Super Heroes & dangerous supernatural warriors across The Avengers, X-Men, Runaways & more



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