Steel Series Apex 9 Mini Key board


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Steel Series Apex 9 Mini Key board

  • Custom-built OptiPoint optical switches for faster actuation and zero debounce
  • Toggle the keystroke actuation point from gaming-grade 1mm to more deliberate 1.5mm
  • Fully swappable switches for customization and longevity
  • Compact 60% form factor for a streamlined gaming setup and more space on your desktop for mice swipes
  • Series 5000 aluminum top plate, identical to metal in combat jets, enhances structural stability and durability

Play at the Speed of Light

Outpace leading optical keyboards with 33% faster actuation using custom OptiPoint switches with zero debounce and a lightning-fast 0.2ms response time.

2-point Actuation

Adapt to any game by changing the registration depth from a speedy, light 1mm press to a deliberate 1.5mm keystroke

Swappable Switches

Customize, upgrade, and repair your keyboard by changing the switches to your favorite stye of OptiPoint switch.

Compact 60% Form Factor

Streamlined design saves desk space and leaves more room for mouse movement, retaining full-size keyboard capabilities with side-printed functions.

Durable PBT Keycaps

Long-lasting and fadeproof double shot PBT keycaps provide a high-quality texture for enhanced keystroke feel as well as improved typing accuracy.


Key SwitchesSteelSeries Linear OptiPoint Optical
Switch Rating100 Million Keypresses
On-Board Memory5 Custom Profiles
Processor32 bit ARM
Actuation Points / Force1.0-1.5 mm / 35g
ConnectionDetachable USB Type-C



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