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Unveiling the Classic Leather Elegance

Synthetic Leather Sophistication

Draped in resilient synthetic leather, the SKILLER SGS20 seamlessly integrates into home studies or offices. Meticulously crafted contour seams and judiciously placed color highlights on the backrest and seat base infuse the chair with a visually striking aesthetic. Maintenance of the synthetic leather upholstery is effortlessly handled, as the SGS20 readily dispels stains with a simple wipe from a damp cleaning cloth.

Spacious Comfort

With a generous 55 cm wide seat base, the SKILLER SGS20 offers ample space, accommodating even those of larger stature who seek optimum comfort in their gaming chair.

Exceptional Ergonomics

Effortless adjustments define the SKILLER SGS20, allowing for the perfect sitting position at all times. The seating height adapts seamlessly, while the armrests can be tailored in both height and direction, offering a customizable experience. The ability to move the armrests back and forth ensures adaptability to individual preferences. Complementing this, the headrest and lumbar cushions provide vital spinal support, alleviating pressure during prolonged periods of sitting. This commitment to ergonomic excellence promotes proper posture, effectively mitigating the risk of neck and back pain.

Unwinding in Style

Beyond functionality, the SKILLER SGS20 offers a retreat for relaxation. The integrated tilt mechanism, coupled with a backrest that reclines up to 160 degrees, allows users to indulge in moments of repose, providing respite before embarking on the next gaming session.

Robust Support: A Testament to Durability

Constructed with a stable steel frame and featuring a class-4 gas lift piston, the SKILLER SGS20 ensures steadfast support, accommodating a weight capacity of up to 120 kg. Tailored for users up to 185 cm in height, it exemplifies durability and reliability in every aspect.




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