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Expand your library with the PlayStation


Expand your library with the PlayStation

The PS4 gaming console can be your ticket to the world of gaming greatness. If you’re looking for an immersive gaming experience, PS4 is worth checking out! 

With its stunning graphics, powerful hardware and an extensive library of games, PS4 console brings your favourite games to life like never before. Even beyond gaming, integrate your favourite OTT apps and enjoy movies, web series like never before!


Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newbie looking to find your hands, PS4 is definitely worth checking out!

Features of PlayStation 4 

  1. Remote Play

Take your game adventures along, wherever you go! With the Remote Play feature, you can play PS4 games on smartphones and laptops, and enjoy gaming on the go and also in different rooms.


  1. Share Button for Social Interaction

Share your gaming efforts effortlessly with the dedicated share button on the controller. Share your achievements and funny glitches with the gaming community online!


  1. Backward Compatibility

You can play your favourite PS4 games on older PlayStation consoles, as PS4 supports backward compatibility with other gaming consoles. 


  1. Hub of Entertainment

PS4 can be an ultimate source of entertainment as you can stream movies, TV shows, and web series by integrating it with OTT apps like Spotify, Netflix and Youtube. 


  1. 3D Audio Experience

Whether it’s an explosion or a thunderous roar, every sound comes alive as the PS4 console supports 3D audio support. 


  1. DualShock 4 Controller

The PS4 features a DualShock controller for precise control and comfort. Its ergonomic design, touchpad, responsive buttons and built-in speaker enhance the gameplay. 

Hardware Specifications of PS4 

  • Custom 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU running at 1.6GHz

  • 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM

  • Custom AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine with 18 compute units running at 800 MHz

  • Built-in hard drive options ranging from 500 GB to 1 TB

Why Should You Prefer PS4 Console?


  1. Power Packed Performance

With a custom 8-core AMD CPU and Radeon GPU, the PS4 delivers ultimate gaming experiences. No more waiting for your favorite games to load as you’ll definitely experience a quick loading time.


  1. Stunning Graphics

With a resolution of 1080p and HDR capabilities, PS4 supports high-definition visuals and stunning graphics that bring your gaming experience to life. 


  1. Great Gaming Library

PS4 offers endless gaming options as it has a vast and diverse gaming library. Whether you want to play popular third-party games or exclusive titles like “God of War” or “Uncharted 4”, PS4 has it all!


  1. User Friendly

Setting up PS4 control is straightforward and easy. Its interface also has a user-friendly;y design such that people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy it. 


  1. Multiplayer Features

You can share your gaming milestone online as PS4 enables social sharing. That’s not it. Play with your friends online, join the live chat, and multiplayer matches, and create a community of gaming enthusiasts that adds to your fun. 


  1. Virtual Reality 

PS4 comes with a PlayStation VR headset that offers a thrilling virtual reality experience. 

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