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Enhance your gaming experience using specially designed gaming monitors from top brands such as Samsung, Asus, ROG, AOC, MSI and many more. These monitors come with a high refresh rate and increase the quality of output from the Graphics card and processor. We offer free express delivery across different locations in Doha and Qatar.

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What are gaming monitors?

Gaming monitors are exclusively designed display monitors that take your gaming experience to the next level. These magical displays can cast a spell on your senses, bringing your gaming experience to life. 

No more motion blur, no more lag! Say hello to lightning-quick refresh rates and incredible resolution with our range of exclusive gaming monitors. 

Buy these gaming monitors and rest assured, you’ll be completely absorbed in the gaming world, living and experiencing every pixel!

Key Differences Between Gaming Monitor & Normal Monitor

  • Refresh Rate

Gaming monitors have a higher refresh rate, such as 144Ghz or 240 Ghz, compared to normal monitors that have a standard 60Hz refresh rate. 

  • Connectivity & Ports

Gaming monitors may offer additional connectivity options and ports, such as multiple HDMI or DisplayPort inputs, USB ports for peripherals, and audio output options.

  • Gaming Specific Features

Gaming monitors often come with gaming-specific features like customizable RGB lighting, gaming presets or modes, crosshair overlays, and built-in speakers or headphone jacks. These features enhance the gaming experience and are not typically found on normal monitors.

Benefits of Gaming Monitors

  • Smooth Gameplay

With a high refresh rate and low response time, you’ll not face any issues of motion blur or lag. Gaming monitors ensure smooth and responsive gameplay.

  • Improved Visual Appearance

Gaming monitors support high resolutions such as Full HD or 4k, delivering stunning visuals that bring your game to life. 

  • Ergonomic Design Features

Gaming monitors feature an ergonomic design. Many monitors come with adjustable stands that allow you to figure out the perfect viewing angle and height so that you feel comfortable during long gaming sessions.

  • Technologically Advanced

Gaming monitors are equipped with AMD FreeSync technology that syncs the monitor’s refresh rate with the GPU’s output and provides a smooth gaming experience. 

  • Multimedia Entertainment

Enjoy movies and web series, and listen to your favorite songs, yes, you can do all of this apart from gaming as gaming monitors enable you to enjoy multimedia activities on a high-quality screen. 

How Do I Choose a Gaming Monitor?

Here are some important factors that you should consider before buying a gaming monitor:

  • Resolution

The resolution of the monitor indicates how good the gaming visuals will be. Gaming monitors with Full HD, Quad HD, and 4K Ultra HD offer great resolution. 

  • Screen Size

Consider the screen size based on your viewing distance and desk space. Larger screens provide a more immersive experience, but smaller screens may offer better pixel density.

  • Gaming Monitors with HDR Support

High Dyanmic Range (HDR) improves colour and contrast, thereby providing a visually immersive experience. It’s an added advantage if a gaming monitor offers HDR support. 

  • Colour Gamut & Accuracy

You can look for monitors with a wide color gamut, such as sRGB or Abode RGB, for more accurate and vibrant colors. 

Best Gaming Monitor Brands in Qatar

When it comes to gaming monitor brands, there are several options available in Qatar. All these brands sell gaming monitors on Gamerzone:

  • Samsung
  • Asus 
  • Gameon
  • Viewsonic
  • Acer
  • AOC
  • Twisted Minds