12 Essentials to build the best Gaming PC Setup

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Only having the main gaming setup components—monitors, keyboards, and a mouse on your desk will make it appear sparse. Most gamers add fashionable or unique extras to their gaming setups, such as acoustic panels, posters, custom lighting, etc., to enhance the gaming ambiance and experience. Gaming PC setup is influenced by the accessories you add to it. 

These accessories may also be practical tools that facilitate particular tasks. Therefore, the following accessories are perfect for you if you want to spice up and customize your gaming setup:

The most obvious choice is this one. You’ll be playing most of your games while sitting down unless you’re using virtual reality, so you’ll need a comfortable chair. 

For this purpose, several fantastic options are available, including chairs with sufficient lumbar support and cozy enough for prolonged gaming sessions. Consider purchasing one with cup holders or something comparable to enhance your PC game setup. 

The gaming monitor, which displays all your games, is unquestionably one of the most important gaming gear. Although modern monitors may display 244 Hz or higher, 144 Hz is the expected standard. 

Choosing a monitor with a refresh rate of 60, 70, or 85 Hz is no longer suggested because it cannot depict fast motions as clearly as displays with higher refresh rates.Quick actions are portrayed on displays with refresh rates lower than 144 Hz, primarily through motion blur, so everything appears much smoother on a 144 Hz panel. 

The more images are shown per second, the higher the monitor’s refresh rate. Thus, if you increase it from 60 to 144 Hz, your monitor shows more than twice as many images per second.

You can play games much better if you switch from a regular headset to a dedicated gaming headset. A decent gaming headset makes detecting noises and locating sound sources easier since they are more sensitive and have greater sound quality. Surround sound is a feature of most high-quality gaming headphones, making it simpler to find other players.

When it comes to gaming headphones, there are two options. Wireless headphones do not require a connection to be hooked to a PC; you may move about and still hear everything. Walking to other rooms is impossible with wired headsets, but unlike wireless headsets, they do not need to be recharged.

External storage for your prebuilt gaming PC is becoming increasingly important as game sizes expand yearly, especially if you make many digital purchases. 

External memory is useful because you don’t want to constantly delete, download, and re-download games. Furthermore, research before purchasing a hard drive because you don’t want to be stuck with one that runs poorly.

A graphics card is a piece of computer hardware that creates and transmits images to your monitor. It acts as a translator, taking binary data from the CPU and transforming it into a graphical representation that you can view and interact with. 

A graphics card must understand CPU instructions to transform them into visual data that your monitor can display, much as a translator must understand both languages to translate words successfully.

The importance of a graphics card is obvious when it comes to gaming. The capabilities of your graphics card have a big impact on the quality of your gaming experience. The graphics card controls a game’s performance, graphics quality, and overall gaming experience.

6. Gaming Controller

When played with a mouse and keyboard, most games give the player superior control over his character’s movement and actions. Other games like Rocket League, Assassin’s Creed, and Cuphead need a controller. You can use a wireless or connected Xbox or Playstation controller depending on your choices.

Please remember that not all gaming controllers and processors, particularly less expensive models, are high quality. Before purchasing, read some product reviews or stay with the original Xbox/Playstation controllers. 

If you use Bluetooth controllers, ensure your PC supports Bluetooth connections. If not, a wireless adapter must be installed.

A mechanical keyboard is another factor that influences your gaming performance. They have fast response times and additional keys or macros for gaming. Depending on your needs and setup, you can pick between standard-sized keyboards and smaller 60% boards without a Numpad. 

Professional gamers like 60% keyboards because they take up less space and provide them more space for their mouse. The bulk of today’s gaming keyboards have superb build quality and configurable RGB backlights, which look great and make writing and playing in low-light situations easier. 

A detachable soft wrist rest is another feature that certain brands include to make writing and gaming more comfortable.

A quick-reacting and sensitive gaming mouse is one of the greatest pieces of equipment for a PC game setup. Your mouse should be the ideal size for your hand and have at least two additional buttons, at least two DPI levels, and a sensitive sensor. The mouse should also be able to adjust its weight per your preferences.

Thanks to a sensitive sensor and numerous DPI settings, you have good responsiveness and control, which makes it simpler to aim at a moving target, which is essential in first-person shooter games. 

The mouse should respond as quickly as feasible after registering a button click. The Deathadder V2 from Razer is a wonderful illustration of a high-end gaming mouse because it registers button presses at the speed of light. 

If you want to avoid extra cables on your gaming workstation, a wireless gaming mouse is ideal. Please be aware that buying a cheap mouse might lead to lags and a limited battery life. A good mouse should have short charge times and a long battery life. If the cable is not a problem, a wired mouse is recommended. 

Cooler air is pulled in from the outside, while computer cooling fans evacuate heated air. These systems lower the operating temperature by directing air across a heatsink to cool a specific component. A computer cooling fan is required to drain heat and keep your computer cool. This will protect the components from harm. 

This extends the utility of complicated computer systems designed for today’s complexity. These cooling fans improve performance without sacrificing real performance or the system’s ability to handle higher workloads quickly. 

Understanding the benefits of cooling can assist computer makers in implementing cooling systems more rapidly to alleviate overheating issues caused by hardware.

As was already mentioned, it is advised to have a good microphone built into your gaming headset, but if you want to go one step further, an external microphone is needed. An external microphone is highly advised if you intend to stream on Twitch or YouTube or upload videos to YouTube.

The greatest external microphone on the market is the $400 Shure SM7B. This professional studio microphone is used to record music, podcasts, and even instruments.

Most gaming headsets sacrifice the quality of their embedded microphones to provide the highest possible sound quality. When using a wireless headset, there is even less room for a good microphone.

One of the most crucial components of your computer is the RAM modules. You may gain a lot from having good RAM, including significant performance improvements and the ability to multitask.

On the RAM’s specification sheet, timings are listed as a sequence of numbers, such as 9-9-9-24 or 5-5-5-15, although CAS latency, or CL, is the most often examined metric here.

This is the time, measured in clock cycles, between the moment a command is received and the time the RAM can provide the needed data. If a RAM stick has a CL of 9, it will take nine clock cycles from the moment of the request to deliver the necessary data.

We often become fixated on a computer’s number of cores or a graphics card’s number of processing units. We hardly ever think about the power supply unit (PSU), which provides electricity to the rest of your PC. Naturally, you shouldn’t stress too much about your power supply. If you don’t care about the PSU, you can start to worry about it a lot if issues arise.

If the power supply malfunctions or your computer doesn’t get enough power, a variety of issues might develop. When energy demand exceeds supply, your system might not start, become unstable as a whole, or just shut down.

The good news is that you don’t have to get too involved in the technicalities to get a good power source. There are several tools available online to assist you in determining the best type of power supply for your setup.


The right accessories and do-it-yourself improvements can maximize your gaming setup, resulting in a much-improved gaming experience. From ergonomic essentials for comfort and performance to immersive audio solutions and personalized touches, numerous ways exist to improve your Game setup for PC. Explore your options, utilize your imagination, and prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

While it depends on your requirements, we recommend getting a normal gaming setup. With individually picked accessories, you can customize the setup to suit your requirements. A prebuilt gaming setup is restricted and comparatively expensive. 

Upgrading a prebuilt setup is comparatively difficult. You will have to wait for the manufacturer to upgrade your accessories. However, that is not the case for normal gaming setups.