Best Xbox Games of 2023

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Nearly three years after their debuts, the Xbox Series X and Series S have many outstanding Xbox games, and more blockbusters like Fable and Hellblade are coming. Not to mention everything Microsoft gained from its acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Many “next-gen” Xbox games are still playable on Xbox One consoles; however, this is changing rapidly. Fortunately, the new Xboxes’ Smart Delivery function allows you to obtain the best game version on your system automatically.

Microsoft recognizes that the launch of new Xbox console generations necessitates adjustment. Gamers demand more options than replacing their costly gaming consoles every seven years. Even though there are still some software gaps, the Xbox ecosystem is stronger and more active than ever.

Xbox – An overview

Xbox is a brand of video gaming systems that Microsoft created and owns. A television or other display device can communicate with the video game system. Games with realistic graphics are available on Xbox. Microsoft had an early advantage in the online gaming market thanks to the Xbox’s online gaming service, which made it a potent rival to other gaming systems.

The Xbox, the first console in the line, was user-friendly for developers and could easily convert PC titles. It has four controller connections for multiplayer games and an Ethernet connector for quick online gaming.

Additionally, it has a DVD player, multi-signal audio/video connectors, a hard drive for storing games and gaming content, and ports for connecting to display devices and home entertainment systems. Compared to other game controllers at the time, the Xbox controller was sizable and had six action buttons, directional pads, and analog sticks.

Best Xbox Games of 2023

As it approaches its third year, Microsoft’s Xbox Series is rapidly amassing a respectable library. The Xbox Series X/S, like previous game systems, does not reach its pinnacle until a few years after introduction. The Xbox will see many intriguing titles in 2023, thanks to outstanding technology and strong developer support. The following list summarizes the Xbox best games:

1. Forza Horizon 4

Despite being a spin-off, Forza Horizon is one of Xbox’s most popular game series overall. With breathtaking scenery that transforms with the seasons, Forza Horizon 4 takes the racing action to the UK. The game also pays tribute to its semi-arcade roots by letting you navigate hilariously phony Lego environments in your real race car.

2. Forza Horizon 5

Everything we have come to love about the franchise is improved in Forza Horizon 5. Mexico is a superb open-world racing playground because of its varied climate and topography. Next-generation hardware is used to power the most gorgeous Forza game ever. With the new EventLab, you can design your custom missions if you become tired of the developers’ content.

3. Resident Evil Village

Although Resident Evil is a game that is most closely associated with the PlayStation, it has always been a multiplatform series. The most recent installment, Resident Evil Village, is fantastic on Xbox X. Ray tracing and the Smart Delivery system are available on Microsoft’s console. If you bought it on Xbox One, you’ll also get a free update to the Series X and S versions.

4. Attack on Titan 2

In the third-person action game Attack on Titan 2, you take control of a young soldier battling enormous creatures that resemble humans. The concept behind the title is simple, yet the mythology is intricate and fascinating.

Huge creatures known as “Titans” appeared out of nowhere more than a hundred years before the story starts and nearly wiped out civilization. These creatures were light-powered but didn’t seem to care; they just kept eating people.

The fortifications defending humanity from these ferocious giants are torn down at the tale’s start. A huge opening is created by a towering Titan, killing many people. The remnants of mankind fled to the center, but Titan attacks have become routine since then.

The military enlists young warriors who can swiftly maneuver around these beasts and strike them with their blades while wearing specialized omnidirectional equipment.

5. Anthem

Anthem is BioWare’s most current game, but fans of the studio’s huge RPGs like Mass Effect and Dragon Age will have a completely different experience. Anthem is a loot shooter in the spirit of Destiny or The Division, with a campaign followed by a lengthy post-game with bigger and better gear to obtain and more difficult enemies to face.

Anthem stands apart from the crowd by extensively using a flying feature that allows you to fly above the battlefield, like Iron Man. It also makes switching between classes easier because your character is a pilot known as a “Freelancer” who can transfer between suit types anytime.

6. Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol is a game with various design influences and allusions, but it is the technical leader of the pack. At the extremely small and relatively young firm Striking Distance, a mix of veterans and fresh staff collaborated to create one of this generation’s most unique video games.

7. Plague Tale: Requiem

Plague Tale: Requiem is the next book in the A Plague Tale series. The grim story of little Amicia and her younger brother Hugo on a sorrowful trip through some of history’s darkest times was previously experienced by players. Amicia and Hugo grew to know and trust each other as they struggled to survive against overwhelming odds and fight to find their place in the world while being hunted by Inquisition soldiers and surrounded by uncontrollable swarms of rats.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is playable with Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC right now if you want to play it and learn more about Amicia and Hugo’s journey.

8. XCOM 2

You can take as much time preparing your turns in XCOM 2 because it is a turn-based game. One instance is switching to different team members to gain a tactical edge. Before making any decisions, you must first evaluate your squad and what they are capable of. Even though it could be tempting to dive in and start shooting targets, it is preferable to map out your strategy with your entire squad before committing to any one course of action.

In XCOM 2, you’ll begin many missions “concealed.” While hidden, enemies won’t know your presence and will have a much smaller field of view. This enables you to position your troops before the fight starts or, if your squad includes a stealth soldier, sneak up on adversaries and eliminate them covertly.


So, this was all you needed to know about some of the best Xbox games in 2023. Every type of player may find something to like thanks to the wide range of genres and experiences. Whatever type of game you prefer—shooters, RPGs, or racing—the Xbox Series X/S has you covered.

Moreover, on September 14, 2023, Xbox Live Gold users immediately became Game Pass Core members, with no price change, and had immediate access to a new collection of high-quality games. Some upcoming games in 2023 are Sonic Superstars on Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged, Endless Dungeon, and many more.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. We are not just limited to Xbox games, we recommend you checkout our dedicated blogs on PC GamesPS5 Games, and PS4 Games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the new Xbox games backwards compatible?

Yes! All the games you play on your Xbox One is compatible with the Xbox X|S Series as long as a Kinect is not required.

Should you upgrade to the Xbox X|S Series?

The Xbox X|S Series comes with better graphics and motion speed enhancing the overall gaming experience. While you need to make a call based on your requirements, the upgrade is deemed worthy.

Can the existing consoles of Xbox One be used for Xbox X|S Series?

Yes! Many Xbox accessories such as the consoles, headset and hard drives can be used for the new Xbox Series. However, the latest versions have specific accessories to enhance your gaming experience.