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Explore the best PS4 game recommendations on GamerZone Blog! Dive into action-packed adventures and immersive experiences on your PlayStation 4 (PS4). As industry leaders, we present the top games for your gaming pleasure.

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Best Action Games on PS4

Action games are a subgenre of video games that are popular on the PlayStation 4 and are driven by PS4 consoles. These games usually contain battle, exploration, and obstacle-clearing in addition to frantic, intense gameplay.  

PS 4 game - resident evil

Resident Evil 4′s long-awaited remake has arrived, and both fans and critics have applauded the new appearance. The renowned Capcom classics have clearly got a full revamp.

You’ll take on the role of Leon S. Kennedy once more and fly to Spain to save the President’s daughter. But what begins as a simple rescue mission quickly transforms into something considerably darker and more perilous. Leon must utilise any tools and weapons he can find to escape the pandemonium and save himself and Ashley.

In this game, you must assist Sonic in assembling an army to reclaim the world from chaos and disaster. This is a fast-paced action with three distinct gameplay philosophies: your own Custom Character, Modern Sonic, and Classic Sonic. 

The Sonic Forces Bonus Edition also includes exclusive Art Cards and in-game clothing for your chosen character.

PS 4 game - sonic forces
PS 4 game - street fighter

The Street Fighter 6 fanbase had high hopes and expectations when it was first released. Nobody could have foreseen the game’s character creation phase, which serves as both an RPG and a fighting game.

You construct your own “World Warrior” from the ground up in the story mode. If you want, make them resemble you or someone else! Then, as you travel the globe, you’ll encounter several Street Fighters and learn from them about moves in order to create your own distinct move set.

Best Adventure Games on PS4

Adventure games on the PlayStation 4 are a type of video game that focuses on exploration, puzzle solving, and fascinating tales. With PS4 controllers, they immerse players with compelling narratives and opportunities for character development.

PS 4 game - Doom

1. Doom

Combating demons as they invade an extraterrestrial space fortress is one of the most exciting things you can do, and DOOM knows it. DOOM is one of the few games that is unapologetically trashy, essentially a grisly powder keg of demon guts and heavy metal imagery.

Shredder’s Revenge reunites Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael in a bodacious, beautifully rendered side-scrolling beat ’em up that pays respect to past TMNT games like Turtles In Time as well as the Turtles’ renowned 1987 design.

Enjoy stunning full-colour pixel art visuals as well as a retro TMNT ambiance that will take you to the beautiful 1980s. 

PS 4 game - Trutles revenge
PS 4 game - Control

One of the most fascinating experiences one may have is being introduced to a hidden realm that exists outside of our own. Control’s narrative, which involves extraterrestrial invaders and a hidden government agency opposing them, capitalises on this feeling.

Control is the end product of experiments like Alan Wake and Quantum Break, a game that shows creator Remedy at the pinnacle of their ability and assurance. If you’re looking for something unique, It’s almost certain you haven’t played anything like Control’s telekinetically fuelled sensory overload before.

Best Arcade Games on PS4

The arcade games on PS4 are similar to classic arcade games but were created specifically for the device. They are quick to play, have easy controls, and you aim for high scores. 

PS 4 game - Pac man world

This 3D platformer uses cutting-edge technology and has better visuals, redesigned gameplay, a bigger perspective of the action, and an improved user interface. Fresh graphics are also included, including a dazzling new appearance for PAC-MAN and the Ghosts. 

Shredder’s Revenge reunites Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael in a bodacious, beautifully rendered side-scrolling beat ’em up that pays respect to past TMNT games like Turtles In Time as well as the Turtles’ renowned 1987 design.

Enjoy stunning full-colour pixel art visuals as well as a retro TMNT ambiance that will take you to the beautiful 1980s. 

PS 4 game - Atari 50

Best Strategy Games on PS4

Strategy games on PS4 are video games in which players employ strategic thinking to plan, manage resources, and overcome opponents in order to achieve their goals.

Mario Party

The traditional 4-player Mario Party series board game mode, which puts players against friends and family in a race across the board, is available both locally and online. 

The player with the most stars at the conclusion of the game wins. Use character-specific Dice Blocks with a variety of numberings to fine-tune your strategy. Enjoy a variety of thrilling minigames, each with its own set of difficulties, as well as the pleasant option of playing online. 

Come along on a wonderful journey packed with entertaining tales and fascinating people. You’ll host the biggest Rabbids party ever when you get together with friends and family to play a variety of hysterically funny mini-games.

Start a local multiplayer game with up to four people for a never-ending supply of amusement and rivalry. To plan the ideal party night for you, create a personalised playlist of your favourite mini-games. In order to accommodate players of varying skill levels, adjust the controls and difficulty.

PS 4 game - Switch Game Rabbids Party of Legends

Best Horror Games on PS4

Horror games on PS4 are video games that aim to scare and thrill players. They have spooky settings, creepy elements, and challenging problems to solve, creating a suspenseful and terrifying experience.

PS 4 game - the devil in me

The same team that made Until Dawn has released a variety of independent branching cinematic horror games. Simple to learn and play in short bursts, either alone or with company. The Devil in Me, the fourth game in the series and the season one finale.

An anonymous caller contacts a group of documentary filmmakers and invites them to “Murder Castle,” a modernised version of serial murderer H.H. Holmes’ “Murder Castle.” It’s a chance too excellent to pass up, and it may be exactly what they need to pique the public’s attention.

Each of the dramatic, cinematic horror games in the PS4 GAME DP ANTHOLOGY VOL2 collection may be played independently. 

Your choices in these inventive horror stories based on mythology, folklore, and true events will determine whether the playable characters live or die. The five-player offline (pass-the-pad) mode, in which you must collaborate to get to safety, and online storytelling with a friend are two popular multiplayer choices.

PS 4 game - dark picture

Best RPG Games on PS4

Role-playing games, or RPGs, are PS4 video games that emphasise player control heavily. In these games, with the help of PS4 accessories, players can assume the roles of certain characters or entire casts of characters from made-up universes.

PS 4 game - Pokemon eevee

This game brings the feel of a vintage Pokemon RPG to the Nintendo Switch with magnificent HD visuals and gameplay that is user-friendly for series newcomers while yet being challenging for veteran Trainers.

This game indicates the same horrible burns and attitude but in stunning high definition. Spyro is turning up the heat like never before in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy gaming bundle. The first three games in the series are Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage!, and Spyro 3: Spyro’s Revenge. Also included is Spyro: Year of the Dragon. Explore the vast kingdoms, re-encounter the fiery characters, and relive the entire journey. 

Since only one dragon may be summoned to save a kingdom, Spyro the Dragon is a made-up character. Meet Spyro, a young dragon that is both charming and mischievous and is on a journey around the globe.

PS 4 game - Spyro


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